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WordPress Hackers At It Again

Yes, unfortunately, they are at it again. It seems there has been a huge run of attacks on WordPress blogs lately. It’s disturbing, really. I wanted to write this post today to remind you that there are some things you need to be doing actively and regularly to protect yourself.

Number one – keep your WordPress installation up to date. It is easy to do and very important! In these updates are also security updates and patches in addition to cosmetic enhancements.

Number two – make sure you delete any plugins you are not using. Don’t just deactivate them, remove them completely. Why keep them if you aren’t”t going to use them anyways?

Number three – there are some plugins you can use to help protect your blog. Here are some recommendations that are free:

  • Wordfence
  • Block Bad Queries
  • WP Security
  • Login Lockdown

Number four – when you are done editing your blog please “logout” before you leave. Don’t leave any open doors for hackers to slip in.

There are numerous other things you can do to help protect your blog. If you are really serious, then there’s Secure Scan Pro. This plugin is one of the best investments I have made for my blogs.

I have a complete post about it here

Either way, you need to protect your blog. There are free methods and paid methods, both of which will do the job. Paid methods offer more options but not everyone can afford them.

I hope this post at least reminds you to do the simple things like keeping plugins and WordPress updated. Please comment with more ideas, advice, opinions or just to say hello 🙂