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How To Get Indexed In Google Faster

It can take a week (based on my past experience) for your new pages or posts to be indexed by Google. So to get my post indexed faster -within about 24 hours- I create RSS feeds for every new post or page I add to my site.

Here is one of my methods to get indexed quickly by Google so you can get your articles submitted without worrying about getting slapped for duplicate content and also to allow for the backlink to be a real backlink instead of the other way around:

First, go to RSS feed Directory – to create an account. When you log in, click on the Home link.

Below the Quick Links menu, click on ‘HTML2RSS’.

Go to your site and copy the URL of your new or un-indexed page or post.

On, enter the URL into the ‘HTML2RSS’ field.

Click ‘Create My RSS’ to submit.

Take the RSS url and go to RSS Submit | Free Webmaster Tools. This will submit your RSS to over 20 RSS sites and get you some initial links too which is not bad.

You can also go to and submit the RSS too.

The next step is to go to Social Monkee and sign up. (This is also a free service that will submit your page to 25 social bookmarking sites.)

This is what I do to get my pages indexed. Most times it works, sometimes it takes around 48 hours. Better than 7 days though 🙂