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Write HTML

HTML is what actually dictates what shows up on your webpage. For example, if you wanted your text to be bold you would put this tag <B> in front of the text then close the tag with </B>. All HTML tags need an opening and closing tag. If you wanted the text to be italic you would use <i> text</i> . To make text both bold and italic you would write it this way: <B><i>text</B><i/>.

It is hard for most people who do not know HTML to create a webpage. That’s why the WYSIWYG HTML editors were created. What You See Is What You Get. Using these kinds of editors, you can see your webpage as it is being built. You can easily add images, links, and a whole bunch of other goodies to your page simply by using the menus. One easy editor to use is called Trellian Webpage. It is similar to Frontpage but free. And it has plenty of features!

If you want to try it out then just go to their site at and download the Webpage. They will ask you for your email so they can send you a registration key so simply add your email then click submit and you will be able to download the setup files. Check your email and enter the provided registration and you’re good to go.

I will be covering how to use Trellian Webpage in detail in future posts. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get the information you will need to use this program to create a webpage.